The Benefits of Using One Contractor to Replace Your Roof After Going Solar

Over time, your roof requires care, maintenance, and sometimes, a full replacement. For solar-equipped roofs, this can be a challenge as your system must first be removed without damaging it. Most roofing companies lack experience in solar panel systems and run the risk of improperly removing or reinstalling the system. That’s why you’re best off choosing a solar contractor to replace your roof after going solar.

1. Streamlined Project Management

Your roofing project has a lot of moving parts, especially when a solar system is involved. When you choose a solar-trained roofing contractor who can handle both solar and roofing projects, you’ll only have one point of contact. This reduces the frustration of having to go through a solar company for removal reinstallation in addition to a roofing contractor.

2. Enhanced Communication

Working with one contractor reduces the likelihood of miscommunication between multiple parties. A lack of clear communication can create problems during your project, including extended project timelines, increased costs, and damage to your roof or solar system.

3. Better Project Coordination

With one contractor, the work can be more efficiently coordinated, reducing the risk of delays or complications. The contractor can plan the work and ensure that it is done in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

4. Cost Savings

With multiple contractors, your budget will have to expand. Covering additional labor costs can be an unnecessary burden on your wallet. Instead, solar-trained alternatives are a great solution to replace your roof after going solar. It is more likely there will be gaps in the work when using two contractors resulting in a change order for more money. Using one contractor reduces the chances of the contractor asking you for more money after the work is completed.

5. Quality Assurance

The quality of work you receive from your solar removal company and roofer is important. With one contractor, there’s a much smaller margin for error. Instead of relying on multiple contractors, you can rely on one highly-rated company. A trained, expert team can provide the removal and reinstallation of your solar panels as well as the roof replacement.

6. Warranty Protection

Many roofing companies offer workmanship warranties that cover material and labor. However, often times these warranties will be voided by the roofers if another company reinstalls your solar panels. Using one contractor for both processes means you won’t have to worry about your warranty being voided by reinstallation.

7. Avoid Service Issues

When hiring for a roofing project, you don’t want to have to mediate between your roofing contractors and your solar installers. Contractors may have disagreements that can cause slowdowns to your projects. At the end of the day, working with one company simplifies the process and reduces your headaches.

Fusion Roofing is Your One-Stop Solution

As experts in solar removal and reinstallation as well as roofing, our team is prepared to perform both projects to the highest industry standards. We make it simple to replace your roof after going solar with excellent service and efficient management. For free information or a quote, reach out to the team at Fusion Roofing today.

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