What Makes a Great Solar Maintenance Contractor?

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Your solar project is a significant investment. To keep it generating solar energy at an efficient rate for a longer period of time, regular maintenance is a must. However, what attributes should you look for when choosing a great solar maintenance contractor? Knowledge, experience, and professionalism are all key to your project going off without a hitch.

Here are our tips for finding the perfect contractor to provide maintenance for your solar system.

1. Expertise

Solar systems are complicated and intricate mechanical devices. Proper maintenance requires knowledge of electrics, construction, roofing, and more. You’ll want to select a contractor that brings a comprehensive knowledge of how your system functions. They should always bring an understanding of the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

2. Experience

Industry experience is invaluable when conducting maintenance on your solar system. Solar panels have continued to advance and develop, and proper care has evolved with them. A standout company should have leadership with 10+ years of solar experience.

3. Approved Vendor

Oftentimes, work on your solar system may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. To ensure you don’t void this warranty, it’s important to work with an approved solar maintenance contractor. When you work with a verified contractor, you’ll be able to benefit from your warranty and save on your solar maintenance.

The solar maintenance company should also be an approved vendor with national brands. Big solar companies like Tesla Solar and Sunrun perform in-depth due diligence on solar maintenance companies before allowing them to work on their solar installs. Once approved by these national companies, solar maintenance companies can receive expedited approvals to perform the work which means your solar panels are up and running again faster.

4. Roofing Expertise

Your roof and solar system are interconnected. Without knowledge of how your panels interact with your roof, you risk damages resulting from improper maintenance. With roofing expertise, your contractor will be able to repair leaks and other damages that have resulted from the solar system. Have your contractor submit documentation to show they’re approved to work in both solar and roofing.

5. Attention to Detail

An expert contractor should bring impeccable attention to detail. The intricate components of your solar system must be carefully analyzed to identify potential issues. Preventing problems with performance or safety begins with a trained eye that can recognize why the system isn’t functioning correctly.

6. Reliability

A great solar maintenance contractor brings reliability you can count on. Few things are more frustrating than an unresponsive team conducting work on your home or business. When you make requests, it’s important they’re addressed in a timely manner. A reliable contractor will be able to provide a streamlined experience that reduces your stress.

8. Communication Skills

Clear and concise communication is a valued skill for any contractor, especially those working with complex systems like solar. You want to work with a team that is able to explain technical issues and intended solutions in an understandable manner. Gaps in communication can make your experience frustrating.

9. Safety Consciousness

Safety should be a top priority for any contractor conducting solar maintenance work. With active electrical components, improperly trained contractors could risk injury or worse. You’ll want to work with a contractor that takes the necessary safety precautions. This ensures workers and clients are protected during maintenance activities.

10. Warranty Compliance

A great solar maintenance contractor will be well-versed in the terms of a manufacturer’s warranty. This knowledge and training will allow them to perform maintenance tasks in compliance with the warranty requirements. This ensures the system remains covered by the warranty.

11. Customer Service

A commitment to excellent customer service is essential. Being treated unprofessionally can sour the experience of working with any contractor. It can also be frustrating when requests and questions go unanswered. A company with great customer service will prioritize your needs and make sure your experience is a positive one.

Choose a Reliable, Experienced Solar Maintenance Company

At Fusion Solar Services, we bring decades of combined experience to our solar maintenance projects. With an expert team trained in electrics, construction, warranties, and roofing, you get the total package in one place. If you’re ready to get started on your project, reach out to our team today for free information or a quote.

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Keep your solar panel system performing at its optimal capacity with solar panel maintenance in Baltimore.

Keep your solar panel system performing at its optimal capacity with solar panel maintenance in Baltimore.

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1-2 Hours

You purchased your solar system to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. A damaged system can impede your energy savings thanks to a loss of efficiency or reduced generation. Solar systems are durable, but not immune to damage and malfunction. From cracked panels to broken internal cells, there are several problems your system may encounter. 

At Fusion Solar Services, we make solar panel maintenance and repair in Baltimore simple. When your system needs a diagnosis, you need the experts. Our team brings the experience you rely on to handle your valued solar array.